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Who Do We Serve?

OhioPHP services are available to all of Ohio's healthcare professionals. Specific confidential well-being programs are available to practitioners licensed by the regulatory boards below.

Click your licensing board below to learn more! 

  1. Ohio Board of Psychology

  2. Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board

  3. Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board

  4. Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board

  5. Ohio Vision Professionals Board

  6. State Medical Board of Ohio

This is a wonderful group, doing a great deal in keeping our medical community healthy and safe for sake of not only the healthcare worker but for patients. I am indebted to their service.

~Anonymous Physician

Confidential Well-Being Programs

OhioPHP provides confidential and compassionate support for healthcare professionals with illnesses that may impact their health and well-being.  Confidentiality is a cornerstone value of OhioPHP. By providing a confidential space to seek supportive services, we are helping create a world where healthcare professionals are encouraged and motivated to take care of their health and well-being.

OhioPHP believes education is fundamental in order to support the health and well-being of healthcare professionals in Ohio. We offer educational programs to healthcare professionals about the effects of stress, burnout, mental health, or substance use disorders and how an individual can access confidential services through OhioPHP. We also provide education on well-being and raising awareness about the role stigma plays in individuals declining to seek help is paramount to creating a healthy workforce. 

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