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Education Programs

OhioPHP believes education is fundamental in order to support the health and well-being of healthcare professionals in Ohio. We believe by providing education on burnout, resiliency, stigma of addiction and mental illness, and the appropriate ways for healthcare professionals to seek help with these concerns, we can equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to support themselves and their colleagues.

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Evie Parsio

We offer educational programs about the effects of stress, burnout, mental health or substance use disorders and how a healthcare professional can access confidential services through OhioPHP. We also provide education on well-being and raising awareness about the role stigma plays in individuals declining to seek help is paramount to creating a healthy workforce.

Our Program Offerings


When a Healthcare Professional Needs Help

In partnership with healthcare regulatory boards OhioPHP administers safe haven programs. This is a confidential path for individuals to seek help for burnout, mental health or substance use disorders and a therapeutic alternative to regulatory awareness.

This training will provide an overview of chronic stress, burnout, mental health and substance use disorders, an introduction to OhioPHP’s services, information about safe haven programs, and the benefits of long-term, confidential monitoring.  OhioPHP has customized presentations for the follow regulatory boards (click your board below):


Why Language Matters

Many, if not most, patients diagnosed with a mental health condition or substance use disorder are frequently stigmatized by the public and by their healthcare providers.  The use of non-stigmatizing language regarding mental health and substance use disorders can have a very positive impact on patients suffering from these common conditions.  These patients are more likely to engage in and complete treatment for behavioral health diagnoses if they are spoken to and treated as any other patient being treated for a medical condition.  This presentation will review language to avoid and preferred language in clinical settings to ensure accuracy in care and a non-stigmatizing approach.

Well-being for Healthcare Professionals A Practical Approach.png

Well-being for the Healthcare Professional: A Practical Approach

Healthcare has changed significantly, especially since the pandemic.  With the increasing workloads and uncertainty within healthcare, there is an even greater need to care for ourselves as well as others.  This training will provide an overview of chronic stress and burnout prior to introducing some techniques that individuals can use to help mitigate stress and burnout.


Pandemic Impact: Picking up the Pieces

More information coming soon!

Coming Soon!

Mindfulness and Meditation for the Healthcare Professional

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