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Confidential Monitoring

We support the use of confidential services whenever possible in lieu of regulatory awareness in order to eliminate fear of punishment, disciplinary action, embarrassment, or professional isolation, all of which are barriers to seeking help. 


Since 1995, OhioPHP has been helping healthcare professionals navigate regulatory board rules and regulations in order to receive confidential services to support the treatment and monitoring of burnout, mental health, and substance use disorders

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“Professionals in the helping field are people too, and OhioPHP truly provides services without stigma, and with care and understanding. I love this program.”

~Anonymous Veterinarian

Our Process

If a healthcare professional needs assistance or resources, OhioPHP can connect individuals with confidential services through our extensive provider network. We provide referrals to community resources for: stress, burnout, mental health, or substance use disorders, individual counseling, legal counsel, and more.  Additionally, if individuals are concerned about a colleague, we accept referrals from any source and protect the confidentiality and anonymity of referral sources to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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