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Fill the Frame

Imagine a gallery filled with empty frames, each one representing the untold stories of those grappling with mental health challenges and addiction.  These frames, though void of narratives, hold within them the potential for transformation, for shedding light on experiences too often shrouded in stigma and silence.


Make a difference and help fill these empty frames with stories of courage, perseverance, and healing. 

Make a Difference

Help OhioPHP Fill the Frame


Take the Pledge

By taking this pledge, you are showing support to all of Ohio's healthcare workers struggling with burnout, a mental health disorder, or addiction that you support them. You are choosing to help end stigma so people are no longer afraid of asking for help. You are making a difference.

Take the Pledge


Become a monthly donor

Join OhioPHP in filling the frames for mental health and addiction awareness by donating a monthly gift to help support healthcare workers in need.

Donate today!



One of the most powerful tools in eliminating stigma is showing the people struggling with mental health and addiction that the world supports them.  

Support Ohio's healthcare workers and OhioPHP by downloaded the Friendraiser Toolkit today!

Friendraiser Toolkit


Social Media Champion

Sharing our story with your network helps us get the word out about OhioPHP and the Fill the Frame Campaign.

Become a Social Media Champian today!


I had an excellent experience and I am forever grateful for your assistance in this tough time of my life

Anonymous Resident Physician

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