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Friendraising Toolkit

Below is the OhioPHP Friendraising Toolkit to help you raise money and awareness for OhioPHP and the importance of the health and well-being of our healthcare workers.

Scroll down to access the toolkit!

Pledge to Fill the Frame

By taking this pledge, you are showing support to all of Ohio's healthcare workers struggling with burnout, a mental health disorder, or addiction that you support them. You are choosing to help end stigma so people are no longer afraid of asking for help. You are making a difference.

Take the Pledge

Thank you!

Social Media Champions

One of the most powerful tools we have is YOU!  Helping spread the word about our services and the "Fill the Frame" campaign is key in our success. 

Scroll over any of the images below and share directly to your choice of social media.

Fill Your Frame

Share with us your story of resilience, hope, and recovery

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