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Check In With Yourself - Your Core Values

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As I thought about what to write for this first entry for the well-being blog, I had all kinds of thoughts about interventions and research and the meaning of well-being. Those are all great topics that I will address over time. However, when I think back to what helped me regain my footing after my own experience with burnout, it came down to values. According to the American Psychological Association, a value is “a moral, social, or aesthetic principle accepted by an individual or society as a guide to what is good, desirable, or important.” Values can influence our behavior and help us prioritize what is important to us.

Values exercises can be used in multiple settings: group therapy for substance use treatment, coaching courses, work team building, personal relationships and so much more. I think what can be difficult is to narrow down which ones are the most important to you and also how to apply your values to your behavior. There a many different lists of values that you can find online. Pick one and choose up to 5 values. Then define them and decide how you behave to be in alignment with your values.

My Top Values

My top 5 values are integrity, compassion, relationships, wisdom, and legacy. Integrity is doing the right thing. Compassion is showing empathy through actions (including towards myself). Relationships include all the people who are important to me: friends, family, community. Wisdom is being open to all the things I can learn and implement into my life. Legacy means having an impact and wanting to leave something good behind. These are my definitions and may differ significantly from what another person may say about them. I have many values that weren’t on this list, but the ones above are the ones that guide my life and actions. Choosing to join the OhioPHP was rooted in my values. It’s a brand-new experience where I am sure I will gain more knowledge and develop more wisdom. I also feel that I will be able to make an impact and make a lasting difference for the healthcare professionals in the state.

Are you living a life based in your core values?

Doing an exercise like this can help remind you to check in with yourself. Am I living a life based in my core values? Or am I being swept up in societal/peer pressure? Am I on autopilot because I’m exhausted? Am I exhausted because I’m not living in alignment with my values?

What are your core values and how do you manifest them in your lives?

Check out the American Psychological Associations website!

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